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How it works

Firstly, you should stripped off all the usable wheels, catches and anything else you may want to reuse in the repair of your current flightcase stock. Ensure the case is empty, we cannot process other waste.

Contact us via email (info at reflightcase.com) and let us know how many cases you want to send. We will provide the payment options. Once payment has been received the delivery address in North Hertfordshire will be provided. Although cases will be charged per item to process, we are happy to accept cases within cases to save on transport cost.

Cases will be received by appointment only and payment terms need to be agreed up front. Unfortunately cases not paid for will not be accepted.

Your consignment will be weighed, and a receipt will be issued.

Processing is done in batches so it may be a few months before your flightcases get broken down. This is to ensure we can keep the costs to a minimum.

The component parts will then be sorted by material ( aluminimum, steel, wood, foam etc) then sent for recycling. At this stage the metals can be easily recycled, laminated plywood will be sent for chipping, foam can be shredded for second use.

We will publish a certificate detailing the weight of material processed and the amount recycled regularly. We use accredited recycling facilities that hold ISO 14001. Details of which will be included in the certificate so you can be assured that your flightcases were processed in the most responsible way available.