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Who we are

This is a genuine service being offered by me, Richard Young. I’ve been in the touring music industry for 28 years and I’ve always been interested in practical responses to issues. There is a lot of talk and policy writing that goes on, but not a huge amount of actual well thought out action that really makes a grass roots difference.

I was lucky enough to work as Production Manager for Radiohead on their 2008 tour when they charged the crew with reducing the carbon footprint of their tour in a meaningful way. The project was not a publicity stunt, a lot of people may not have heard about it, but the outcome was proof of concept that you could tour with 100% LED lighting, minimum airfreight and support better fan travel.

So this is my answer to what we do with old flightcases. In their assembled form, you can’t send them to the recycling center, because they are “mixed media”. Some of the parts may still need to go to landfill, but the volume of the component parts is much smaller than the case (obviously), and if the metal can be recycled and the wood chipped up for various uses. That has to be good, right?

Also I am looking in employing local people from marginalized communities. People who would not necessarily get mainstream employment. In the current climate maybe some road colleagues fancy wielding a drill and a hammer. This is not set up as a money making scheme but I have to make a small charge. There is a cost to taking these things apart, and you have to pay for commercial waste disposal as well. Just trying to do the responsible thing.